Mr Quinton Pedlar of Johannesburg and his two young sons were visitors to the campsite in Pienaar Street, Nieu Bethesda when they had a strange experience on Friday night the 4th of April. Whilst camping, the gentleman told his sons about the history of the village and they joked about ghosts possibly lurking in the dark. Having watched Ghost Hunters on TV, they joked that they should have brought a vacuum cleaner with them.

Just fooling around, they took some random pictures of the campsite at night time. Some of the pictures were of the ox wagon and of the two boys. A one stage they were all having chills running down their spines. He ascribed it to the ghost jokes they had been making. But
when he downloaded the pictures on his laptop the next day, there was one that looked like a whirlwind with wafts of mist coming out at the top and it had been taken just at the place where they had felt the chills. It was near the old stables in the corner of the campsite.

It is interesting that this place is very near to the old Blacksmith’s where, according to reports, a ghost has been walking for many years. In fact, when the current owners moved into the house they were warned not to remove a certain picture from one of the rooms as all hell broke loose when the picture was removed. They can attest to the accuracy of this advice, and after attempting to move the picture once, they are leaving it in its place for the sake of peace at night.

A friend visiting Dr Bruce Lakie also had a chilling experience at the old Uitkyk house nearby a couple of years ago. It was early evening and his visitors had just arrived. One of them went back to the car to fetch something. Dr Lakie and his other visitors heard a piercing scream and ran to see what was wrong. Their friend was shaking like a leaf.

When they had calmed him, he explained that he was bending over into the car boot when he sensed someone next to him. He looked up and saw a lady dressed in white. Her clothes were not of this era and there was something so eerie about her that he became quite terrified. When he screamed, she disappeared into thin air.

There are people who say that most of the old houses in Nieu Bethesda have a ghost or two. Then, of course, there are people who say there are no such things as ghosts. Yet people have known for a long time that in this little village, if you have a sixth sense, you can find some very interesting phenomena.

Perhaps you are brave enough to come ghost hunting some time?


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